Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

Do you need to relocate your refrigerator? Should you be by yourself, you should not attempt to move it because it could cause bodily harm. I am aware of a person who attempted to relocate his refrigerator by himself and it resulted in fractured hip bones. Not exactly a great end to the endeavor.

Should the move involve a flight of stairs, you will require the assistance of at least two people and a cart or dolly with wheels. Another consideration is the kind of refrigerator you have. For example, single door refrigerators are fairly simple to move. Those with two doors, French doors or the side by side refrigerators are somewhat more difficult to deal with.

Wrap the power cord around the steel wires at the rear of the refrigerator and tape it to hold it inn place. whirlpool intellifresh refrigerator The purpose of this is to keep you from tripping on the power cord and falling down. In addition, ensure that the doors will not swing open as you are relocating it. Tape them closed if you have to just to make certain. But it is best that you do not utilize duct tape for this since it can leave a sticky residue and possibly do damage to the refrigerator’s finish. Use a tape which may be taken off easily but which will safely secure it.

Have your helpers assist in getting a caster underneath the refrigerator. It will then be much easier to roll to its next location. You should be certain that the refrigerator remains upright. Laying it on its side could result in a leakage of oil from the compressor. Should this occur, there could be damage to the refrigerator’s cooling system. Further, laying it down into a horizontal position could permit the oil to get into the cooling lines which could affect the cooling.

You should also consider affixing Styrofoam to the edges of the refrigerator. You may have put this in the original box if you still have it. The Styrofoam will protect the refrigerator from damage as you move it. Should you be unable to find the Styrofoam, normal, plastic bubble wrap is just as adequate. Should the refrigerator be equipped with a water dispenser, be certain to secure it as well. And use the bubble wrap to protect any programmable LED displays which are present.

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