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So why do dogs eat their own poop? Stool eating in dogs is pretty common in puppies and generally not considered extremely serious by most veterinarians in terms of health risks. It’s not 100% known for certain why dogs eat their poop, however veterinarians have narrowed it down to a few common factors. If your dog has formed a habit of eating its own poop however it’s worth a consult with your veterinarian to help decide the exact cause. In some cases of dogs eating their own poop it can be a sign of a vitamin deficiency, parasite, or other serious health issues.

Below are some common reasons for why dogs are eating their own poop.

10 Reasons Why Dogs Eat Their Poop

1. It Tastes Good – Some veterinary research studies have suggested that dogs digestive systems are still not adapted to modern diets. A modern diet consists of more plant proteins & carbohydrates while having less animal enzymes. Why in the world would dog poop taste good? Dogs might be eating their own poop simply to restore certain digestive enzymes to help them digest their food easier. If the food isn’t digesting properly it still comes out as food.

2. They Like To Keep It Clean – In the sense that we like to keep our living space clean, dogs aren’t that different. Dogs have demonstrated that they will eat their own poop to keep their immediate area clean.

3. Vitamin Deficiency – Some dogs aren’t getting the proper vitamin absorption which can lead to poop eating to help balance the vitamins in a dog’s diet. donate your poop

4. It’s A Learned Behavior – If a dog gets in trouble or sco lded for pooping where they shouldn’t sometimes the dog will eat the poop so no traces are left. A dog might misinterpret the owners response in that they feel they are being punished for the act of “pooping” and not where they actually pooped. Some veterinarians also believe that this could be a learned behavior of simply watching the owner clean up the poop.

5. It’s In The Genes – Many dogs will eat the poop of their puppies to keep the immediate area clean. Some puppies after observing their Mothers do this often repeat the same behavior and develop a habit.

6. Need Attention – It’s thought that just like kids will act out to get attention that the same is so for dogs. Dogs will eat their poop simply to get attention from the owner. After all any attention is good attention for a dog that feels neglected.

7. It Was An Honest Mistake – Sometimes dogs will eat the poop of another animal due to the way it smelled. If the poop smells good then you can bet they will eat it if for nothing else than just for curiosity.

8. Stress – When a dogs environment changes the dog may become stressed and begin to eat their own poop. Why would a dog become stressed suddenly? Any significant change in environment can cause stress for a dog like a move or kenneling such as.


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