Save Money, Without Thinking About It

If you really think about it, there are only 2 groups of people that earn money in the world. We’re simply talking about entrepreneurs vs employees. Now I understand that employees and entrepreneurs are both needed to make our economy strong. But here’s some observations I have noticed in the last few years.

Let’s look at some very interesting characteristics between the two.

Entrepreneurs vs. Employees

1. Entrepreneurs will chase their passion and their goals! They know exactly what they want to do in life! They will stop at nothing to achieve their passion and their goals. The employee has little passion and little drive to achieve their goals. They may have dreams, but often will side with the “nay sayers” that tell them they’re “crazy” to start their own business!

2. Entrepreneurs will set their own financial thermostat! The self employed know exactly what they should be getting paid and will pay themselves first! If they want to make a million dollars, they will do it! Employees have to settle for what their boss thinks their worth. Ask any employee if they are getting paid what their worth. You won’t get too many that say they are. How many employees do you know that are millionaires?

3. Entrepreneurs are already “at the top”! There’s no one else calling the shots but the self employed person! Employees are “climbing” and “scratching” their way up the corporate ladder. Very, very few will ever make it.

4. Entrepreneurs do something that is rewarding! We usually see the self employed doing something good in the community by making positive impact on others. Employees will usually take what they get even if it’s something they don’t want to do. The only thing that may be rewarding to them is the company Christmas party! Yeah!

5. Entrepreneurs get to spend more time with loves ones like family! Since they are in charge they set the time for family. Employees have to wait for that little window between dinner and bed time and weekends to spend time with the ones they want to. Right now, many employees are spending more time with their co-workers!

6. Entrepreneurs take risk! This is a really good thing, because without some risk, there is no movement in business and in life. Yes risk can go both ways. The entrepreneur knows that risk is a MUST for success. Employees think this is just another “4 letter word” and creates discomfort within themselves. This allows the employee to have the “play it safe” and the “fear of loss” mentality.

7. Entrepreneurs make rules! Like I said, they’re in charge. They set rules, hours, and their own schedule. Employees follow rules. They are told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it by their employer.

8 Entrepreneurs make themselves better! They help people change the world. They will discover new things about themselves in their entrepreneurial journeys. Every entrepreneur has something to give to society and the economy to make it better. Employees tend to look out for themselves and never learn or discover new things about themselves.

9. Entrepreneurs challenge the status quo! They know in order to become very prosperous they must do things that most other people aren’t willing to do. This is why most people think people who start their own business are crazy! Employees will follow everyone else. They will “go with the flow”, even if the “flow” is headed for a cliff!

10. Entrepreneurs ALWAYS have a reason WHY they do what they do! Ask anyone that is self employed. They know their reason WHY. Why is built on emotion and passion. WHY is an idea! This is where the entrepreneur gets his/her inspiration! Employees will only know WHAT they do and HOW they do it. Rarely will you find an employee that has a REAL reason WHY they do what they do! Miki Agrawal

Now it may seem I am “bashing” the employee a little bit. My goal is not to put anyone down. I have just been on both sides of this being an employee and an entrepreneur. These are simply realizations that have been brought to my attention once I really thought about the differences between entrepreneurs and employees.

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